From Sound Bites and Scenes to Story – Post Production Begins

By Samantha Finch

After spending 10 days filming throughout the beautiful country of Brazil for the Pace Brazil 2014 documentary, we finally transitioned into post-production back home in Pleasantville.

There was a heart-stopping moment as we began to move all of our video into Avid, the editing software we use. We discovered that the external hard drive that held all of the gigabytes of imagery we’d shot had failed.


During our first Tuesday back on campus, the Pace Brazil team worked on creating an outline for the documentary. Photo Credit: Samantha Finch

Luckily, all the footage still existed on Dr. Luskay’s laptop or on the cards themselves. Moral of story: Never rely on a single device.

Then came the critical step – figuring out just what our story was. We used Dr. Luskay’s trademark system, sitting around a broad sheet of white paper with colored markers and our varied perspectives on what we’d seen and learned.

Beginning with act one and concluding with act three; we compiled our ideas, mentally sorted through our footage, discussed our vision, and finally created the outline of our story.

Now, as the weeks count down to the premiere of the documentary on May 13, 2014, we start sifting clips for sound bites and visuals that together tell the story of Brazil and the impact the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics will have on the up-and-coming powerhouse country.



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