From Rio to the Editing Suite

By Samantha Finch

On our last morning in Brazil, two crews woke up early and conducted the final interviews closing out our reporting and taping. Next stop, post-production.

Alex, Cassie, Dallas, and Chad interviewed Professor Claudia Green, the Pace University business professor who has led students through Brazil for the past 14 years, teaching them about marketing, sustainability, and tourism in this fast-developing country.


Capturing footage of Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas during our interview with Mario Moscatelli. Photo Credit: Samantha Finch

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Day 8: The View from Above

A collection of photographs from #PaceBrazil’s hike through the favelas and tour of the famous Christ Statue in Rio De Janeiro. Contributing Photographers: Samantha Finch

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Favela Living, Step by Step

By Charles Cooper

After days of travel on buses and boats, on our final full day in Brazil the Pace filmmaking team, along with Prof. Claudia Green and her business students, got to explore Vidigal, one of Rio’s soaring hillside favelas (informal urban settlements), the way countless residents do – step by step by dizzying step.


The view overlooking one of Rio’s largest favelas, Vidigal. Photo Credit: Samantha Finch

Our guide there was Theresa Williamson, the head of Catalytic Communities, a nonprofit group that is trying to help Rio’s several million favela residents press their case for more rights and services. Vidigal has roots dating back 117 years and has gone from being a haphazard, lawless slum to a functioning community, albeit one that still has a significant crime problem, inadequate education and other issues.

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Day 7: On the Surface of Rio

A collection of photographs from #PaceBrazil’s visit to major tourist locations in Rio De Janeiro. Contributing Photographers: Samantha Finch

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Day 5: From Bus Rides to Kayaks in Paraty

A collection of photographs from #PaceBrazil’s trip around Paraty, Brazil. Contributing Photographers: Samantha Finch

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A Visit With Rio’s Olympics Planners and a Legendary Stadium

By Dallas Ripka and Charles Cooper

Our first full day in Rio focused on the major upcoming sporting events, the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics, which are both being hosted by Brazil. These sporting events are an integral focus of our documentary as we explore the preparations being made and the effect of the projected flood of tourists in coming months.

Our day began with a presentation of the city’s Olympics plans at the remarkable Rio Operations Center, a high-tech hub, built by IBM, through which city agencies track crime, traffic, and other aspects of urban life moment by moment.

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 2.59.41 PM

Marketing and Communications Manager of the Municipal Olympic Company, Thais Oliveira, speaks about Rio’s vision for the 2016 Olympics. Photo Credit: Samantha Finch

Students sat around the office table and viewed a presentation given by Thais Oliveira, the marketing and communications manager of the Municipal Olympic Company, an arm of city government.

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